The Blue Ridge Bicycle Club is dedicated to promoting and fostering the use of bicycles for transportation and leisure in the picturesque landscapes of southwestern Virginia. We staunchly advocate for the rights of cyclists, disseminate crucial information regarding cycling and safety, and curate a diverse array of engaging cycling activities. These include both recreational rides and competitive events, all tailored to cater to our valued members. In certain endeavors, we also collaborate closely with RIMBA (the Roanoke International Mountain Biking Association chapter), a partnership that has yielded some memorable events. It's worth noting that a substantial number of our BRBC members are proud dual affiliates of both clubs.

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This is how we occupy our time:

  • Signature rides: Tuesday nights 5:30 PM during daylight savings, multiple routes for multiple abilities
  • Weekly socials: After every Tuesday night ride, regroup downtown at Mel’s Place or 202 Social Club
  • Weekly rides: A variety of rides are hosted by club members nearly every week of the year
  • Several events throughout the year including Spring Summits and the Artie.
  • Annual summer and winter parties for members
  • Advocacy for bicycle lanes, motorist awareness, general safety. We partner with RIDE Solutions

Benefits of Being a Member

  • Liability Insurance on all club rides including the Artie and weekly rides
  • Discounted rate for The Artie
  • Free admission to Spring Summits and Star Challenge
  • Free summer and winter parties