JUNE 11, 2017    8am    Buchanan Fairgrounds

The Artie is the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club’s premier annual ride with 50 and 100 mile routes.

spring summits logo

Spring Summits is you and your friends against the beautiful mountains around Roanoke, Virginia. The Blue Ridge Bicycle Club wants you out on your bike so that you can be healthy and enjoy what the area has to offer. You’ll see familiar sights as you participate in Spring Summits but you can also ride new roads, see new things and have new experiences with your friends. You have all Spring 2016 (March 20th – June 20th) to do as many of the 10 climbs as you can.

star challenge logo

Star Challenge is a time trial series up the Old Road on Mill Mountain. The rides are great fun with weekly prizes raffled off to participants. Larger prizes are given out to the fastest riders overall (best time 3 out of 4 weeks) in multiple categories based on age, gender and weight. Meet at Underdog Bikes on Mondays in July for some friendly competition! Check HERE for complete info.


SeptemberCross is a friendly cyclocross race series for everyone. The races are low-key and are intended to let the fast riders race and newbies try out the sport. Cyclocross bikes are of course common, but mountain bikes are as well. Juniors have a large presence at these races as well as more seasoned riders. Prizes are awarded in a variety of categories. Check HERE for complete info.